Mine Connector advises and supports futuristic business leaders and decision makers to improve their business by introducing and implementing futuristic ideas.
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Mine Connect is a professional network built for all mining industry professionals.  The project is an innovative initiative by Dr. Kash Sirinanda.  We invite professional miners around the globe to join hands with Mine Connect.

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Discover interesting facts and updates relating to mining industry in the blog section composed by Dr. Kashyapa.
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Felicitation to experienced mining professionals while passing their wealth of knowledge to future miners.
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Mine Connect is the largest active network of mining industry professionals. Ideal for networking among mining enthusiasts.
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Discover mining related events and forums around the world. Mine Connect is the prime hub to reach the audience for next event.
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Post your thoughts, experience and research material in the mining domain to a industry relevant audience.
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Students and freshers in the mining domain and can engage with Mine Connect to sharpen their knowledge and gain exposure.
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Dr. Kash Sirinanda

Kash is a futurist, an engineer, a mathematician, a consultant and a serial entrepreneur. He is the founder of Mine Connector and Elite Futurists. Prior to starting his businesses, Kash worked for McKinsey and Company in the Melbourne office, Australia.

Kash has a doctorate in mine planning and optimization from the University of Melbourne, Australia. During his PhD studies and post-doctoral work at the University, Kash developed algorithms for generating designs that maximize the net present value of a mining operation. That work provides the basis for software which assists mine planners to design more profitable mines. Kash was also a visiting scholar at the Colorado School of Mines, USA.

Kash has been working on various mining projects which include due diligence, AI, operations, analytics, optimization and digital in different commodities around the globe. He is a keynote speaker and he provides mining leaders with strategic direction, and visionary leadership.

Kash’s vision is to engage, partner, and collaborate with mining leaders and decision makers to transform a mining business into a best-in-class, advanced digital and sustainable-enabled competency company.

He constantly challenges current business models in mining companies to open possibilities for innovation and technology and to build a better future for the mining sector.

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Our Contributors

Jackie Anderson
Senior Mining Engineer

Jackson is a Senior Mining Engineer with years of experience at mining sites across the globe

Emma Jackson
Mining Manager

Emma Jackson serves as a Mining Manager for a reputed Mining Company in Australia.

Gloria Price

Being a mining enthusiast, Gloria is still enrolled as an undergraduate student at University of Virginia 


testimonial-team (Demo)
Simon Stare

I believe the initiative taken by Dr. Kashyapa is a great contribution to the Mining Industry. Especially young mining enthusiasts are benefited by many resources to broaden their knowledge.

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Mark Fenders
Global Mines
Marketing Manager

Mine Connect is a great platform that links the community of mining professionals spread across the world.


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